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Summary UML Action Semantics for Executable UML
Category design
License BSD License
Owner(s) royfeldman

Message from the owner(s)

Welcom to OpenModel, a Java based framework for supporting the generation of fully executable applications from UML models. OpenModel is not a CASE tool, rather it complements tools such as the UML Modeling tool ArgoUML and the Model-to-Code tool AndroMDAby providing a framework for supporting UML Action Semantics. OpenModel is currently being developed to allow UML 1.4 based tools to support the UML 1.5 spec, but the framework will be deisgned to keep up with changes in the UML and related specifications.


OpenModel intends to supplement the leading OSS tools for Model Driven Development, ArgoUML and AndroMDA. Open Model is focused on supplementing these tools by creating a framework that supports the UML Action Language, which supports the detailed specification of the behavioral logic of a UML model of an application. Together with ArgoUML and AndroMDA, Open Model will help support the complete generation of executable UML models by developing an implementation of the UML Action Semantics as currently defined in the UML 1.5 spec.

As much as possible, OpenModel will attempt to coordinate its development with the ArgoUML and the AndroMDA projects, and reuse software developed by both projects in its implementation, where appropriate. As ArgoUML and AndroMDA make the transition to UML 2.0, OpenModel will develop a UML 2.0 compliant implementation of Action Semantics.

Design Objectives

  • Build a UML 1.5 model framework to help OSS UML 1.4 tools such as ArgoUML to support UML 1.5.

  • Develop a complete language implementation of the UML Action Semantics, including a parser, interpreter, and compiler targeted intially for Java, but easily retargetable to other languages.

Project assumptions:

  • Development will be done in Java and Java based tools for abstract language manipulation.

  • Model persistence will be based on the NetBeans Meta Data Repository (MDR), while reusing MDR extensions and utilities developed by either the AndroMDA and ArgoUML

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